Vision and Mission:

The Fakir Mohan University is committed to develop itself as a value and need based quality education provider in the state of Orissa in general and Balasore and Bhadrak districts in particular. It has the ultimate objective of producing qualified and competent manpower responsive to the changing needs of the society at the national and international levels.

In its quest for being an outstanding centre for learning and development of human resource, it cherishes a clear vision and mission. It has become very consistent in its recruitment policy and, as a result, it has recruited very brilliant scholars specializing in various areas of the five front line subjects possessing enormous employment and entrepreneurship potential.

The Vision of the University:

To be an institution of eminence promoting continual creativity and innovations in teaching, learning, and research in a sustainable mode while enduring its contributions to society.

The Mission of the University:

It has following missions through which it seeks to stimulate and promote professional competency among the students & faculty:

  1. To grow with a wholesome approach, being prosperous, peaceful, active and harmonious campus;
  2. To promote academic passions, creativity and innovativeness for change and newness in teaching, learning and research while facilitating knowledge creation and dissemination;
  3. To address the local needs while looking at the change and developments in global sphere;
  4. To attain sustainable development of the institution with collective efforts of all the stakeholders.
  5. To grow as a dynamic and progressive system adopting NEP and adhering to the policy.
  6. To be a part of social development through its outreach programmes and as a part of commitment to the society;
  7. To promote equity and equality through a balanced ecosystem.

The programmes and activities taken up by the University always strive to promote mental and attitudinal changes in people and enthuse to face challenges of life boldly and successfully. These activities mainly focus on the following aspects:

  1. Human Resource Development.
  2. Capacity Building in the thrust area specified by the Government from time to time.
  3. Entrepreneurship development in the local area.
  4. Technology Development.
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