Fakir Mohan University (FMU) health care centre (HCC) was inaugurated on 14th January 2016. The health care centre provides regular and emergency treatment to patients in accordance with PHC guidelines with OPD services from 10 AM - 5 PM and in-patient services (6 beds). HCC services cater to students, teaching, and non-teaching staff members of FMU and their dependents. The services include the following-

  1. Patient Counselling
  2. Basic Laboratory Tests (only provision for Malaria, Pregnancy, and Blood-Glucose etc.)
  3. Treatment for diseases
  4. Emergency treatment (In case of emergency, patients are referred to university recognized hospitals that include CHC, Remuna and DHH, Balasore)
  5. On-call ambulance services
  6. Basic COVID care and primary treatment

Equipments available at FMU HCC:-

Refrigerator, Ice box, Thermometer (Hg/IR), Sphygmomanometer, Pulse oxymeter, Stethoscope, ECG machine, Nebulizer, Oxygen cylinder, Autoclave, Water heater, Syringe destroyer, Weighing machine, Height measuring scale, X-ray reader, Scientific torch, IV stand, Water purifier, Glucometer, Biomedical waste dustbin, Medicine trolley etc.

Sanitary facilities:

Separate toilet for patients and staffs (Male and female separate), personal washing room for chamber patients, cleaning, sanitization and hygiene maintanence.

Health care waste management:

Medical waste management as per color code dustbins and disposal as per biohazard guidelines

Medical Officer
Dr. Sebanti Roul
Mr. Ashrumochan Barik
Officer in charge
Dr. Bharat Bhusan Patnaik
Emergency Contact
8637267981, 8093313147

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