Chairman's Message

Prof. Sabyasachi Pattnaik

Chairman, Post Graduate Council
  I commit myself to the highest ethical standards following the principle: Ethics of RAISE Respect:     I will value others by fostering an inclusive, collaborative and positive  environment inside the University campus. Accountability:  I will be  proactive and take personal  responsibility to follow through on commitments and be a good steward of University resources. Integrity: I will conduct myself as an ethical and honest representative of  the University. Service: I will provide a positive customer experience within a safe environment during the course of responsibility. Excellence:  I will always do my best and pursue continuous improvement of each and everyone , directly or indirectly connected with the University.   

The Fakir Mohan University, Balasore can transform its higher education by introducing New Education Policy NEP-2020 , which will help in achieving the long cherished goal of getting into top ten universities in India , becoming the best university in Odisha. As per my assessment, the following steps of innovation in the university campus are on the process of implementation so as to enhance our university grade / position of national as well as international bodies like NAAC, NIRF etc.: -To take some steps in developing integration of liberal education with existing education system , which will help to promote creativity and innovation.-To encourage for the academic freedom, which includes also the freedom to pursue research, adopt innovative pedagogical and curriculum practices etc. This should be adopted by each P.G. Department independently. -To take initiation for introducing multidisciplinary education with emphasisation on its output like utility to students and their placement and benefit to the society as well like already continuing P.G. courses Applied Physics and Ballistics, Population Studies, Biotechnology and Environmental Science etc.-To introduce vocational education by focusing on skill gap analysis and mapping of local opportunities ( employment opportunities align with required skills ) i.e. Agriculture, Fisheries, Internal Design, Bakery, Handloom, Cottage Industry courses etc.-To initiate for the development of a framework for quality of Open Distance Learning (ODL) and Online programmes in the campus itself as well as its affiliated colleges. The academic as well as evaluation system of this ODL and Online programmes must be made at par the regular programme of the university. It will justify the new higher education as a hybrid of ODL, Online and Classroom teaching. . Further to encourage continuity of learning amongst students, the UGC initiated MOOCs offered on ICT based SWAYAM platform has been on the process of implementation in the FM University. -To create the innovations in development of technology under National Research Foundation (NRF) in addition to the general Govt. grant policy. It should encourage for recognising and promoting interdisciplinary research . For this the fund for research may be generated from various local sponsoring agencies or companies or individuals , for their role in creating the culture of high quality research. -To involve the Ph.D. scholars in getting an exposure to teaching pedagogy during his / her tenure like helping in conducting workshops, curriculum design, online teaching, content development, evaluation process etc. Further, to encourage the Ph.D. scholars , some financial assistance on monthly basis are to be provided from the own generated fund. -To transform its education more to professional education in addition to its present general education, so that it will help in employment generation. For this, the F.M. University has already established a centre for innovation known as Centre of Excellence under Odisha State Govt Project OHEPEE sponsored by World Bank , and also on the process of establishing Technology Business Incubator TBI Centre in collaboration with the Institute of Eminence KIIT, Bhubaneswar and Centre for Marine Science and Bio-resource Management of its own and these will definitely drive the entrepreneurial spirit among the students, faculty and also it will work closely with other industries or companies or Government organisations. -To initiate for facilitating the students or faculty exchange programme with the best institutes across the country as well as the world under the internationalization of education, the F.M. University has already started the process. .- Above all , the excellent faculty with competencies in world class teaching and cutting edge research will be the only way in bringing transformation in higher education in F.M. University. So we all Teaching Staff, Non-teaching Staff and Students of F.M. University including all the related Stakeholders should place the importance on themselves , who are really the heart of learning process , unite together by joining their hands as well as minds to have a vision to become independent self governing organisation to pursue innovation and excellence by the coming years.  With all my Best Wishes. Prof. Sabyasachi Pattnaik 1st September 2023 F.M. University, Balasore

Prof Sabyasachi Pattnaik
Chairman, P.G. Council, F.M. University
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