Chairman's Message

On behalf of all the members of P.G. Council, teaching and non-teaching members of P.G. Departments and my own behalf, I extend a very warm welcome to all of you to the Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Odisha, India.

Also, I would like to cordially invite you all personally who are keenly interested in expanding knowledge and enriching career to explore our University either through online or through a visit to both the Vyasa Vihar (old) and Vyasa Vihar (New) campuses.

As an Academic Head of Fakir Mohan University (FMU), I am committed to develop a very healthy, sustainable,and world class academic infrastructure in my university to produce leaders with moral depth and intellectual intensity necessary to meet the challenges of a time of critical transition in society.

I am revitalizing and building upon the Fakir Mohan University’s strategic plan, which will ensure that the FMU remains on the path to:

  1. Provide practical, experience, and value based education that FMU has upheld since its founding.
  2. Build strong research teams in certain areas of social relevance by which society can directly get benefit.
  3. Develop strong research core facilities by
    1. Attracting large equipment grants to acquire state-of-the-art research instrumentation.
    2. Training students in instrument usage and interpretation.
    3. Assisting faculty in exploring new directions and methodologies.
    4. Bringing scientific groups together with similar interests but diverse experience.

At last, whether you are looking at university, already headed to Fakir Mohan University for studies, or present here on campus, I hope that you will make the most of opportunities in FMU to expand your knowledge.

Best Wishes for your Academic Career.

Prof. Satchidananda Dehuri
Chairman, P.G. Council, F.M. University
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