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Department of Zoology is home to a thriving community of researchers, students, staff, and visitors who share a fascination with organisms. How they develop, function, behave, interact and evolve. The department bridges the different levels of organization from the cellular basis of animal form, function, and behavior to the interactions between organisms, people, and policy. The department is involved in conservation biology to human-animal conflicts to the molecular basis of immunology/cancer biology using cutting-edge bioinformatics tools. Our work has an impact in the areas of biodiversity, biotechnology, health, conservation, global change, and sustainability across the world and reaches out to academics, practitioners, students, school pupils, and a broad audience who share our interests and concerns.   People often comment on the supportive ambiance in the department and we prize that aspect of our environment.  We are committed to an inclusive community built on a solid foundation of mutual respect. We believe equality and diversity are fundamental to a successful research and teaching institution and that a collaborative, considerate and open research culture underpins excellence. Our community reaches beyond our buildings to our friends and alumni across the world.   Welcome.  Coordinator Department of Zoology

  • Vision of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Management is to be the globally recognized premier academic department for teaching and research excellence in Zoology, which gives a solid base of fundamental knowledge appreciating each level of organization from molecules to the environment. The department thrives on producing manpower at these different organizational levels to support advanced research. The department also has a strong affiliation with producing teachers for schools and colleges.
  • The mission of the Department of Zoology is to produce highly motivated graduates and postgraduates capable of making a significant contribution towards sustainable development and well-being of the mankind, to conduct high impact research for generating advanced knowledge, and provide advice and consultancy services in the fields related to Zoology. Our mission has a motto “catch them young,” for which the department produces a few trained teachers for disseminating zoological sciences to the young generations.
  • The Department of Zoology aims to produce inquisitive and rational minds. Our objective is to make students think and learn from the natural world rather than just learning and remembering the facts from books. We aim to produce manpower who are problem solvers and think out of the box, who are innovative and disruptive in their problem-solving skills.
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