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The department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Fakir Mohan University was established as a regular department in the academic year 2018-19. Currently the department has an intake capacity of thirty two students for pursuing MA course in Journalism and Mass Communication. The curriculum and pedagogical structure of the postgraduate program is the best in the region. The curriculum and pedagogic structure of the program is designed in line with the emerging needs of the media industry and the constantly changing field of media and communication studies. The department also offers Ph.D. program in Journalism and Mass Communication. It nurtures a healthy academic atmosphere for conducting high valued research and learning in the field of media and journalism education.

  • Considering the importance and relevance of media and communication in a globalized world and more importantly in a world captured by media revolutions, there is a need to strengthen our knowledge base on the ways and means of media functioning and its impacts on our lives. Media and communication platforms are inseparable from our everyday actions and in the process they have become powerful agents of social change. Unconsciously, they have become part of each and every activity that we undertake within our social, political and cultural fields. Media has also become a factor that influences the educational environment including the different disciplines in social science and humanities. Keeping in context the above expositions, the department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Fakir Mohan University would like to make the teaching and learning of media education more interdisciplinary with a sense of understanding on its relationship with other areas of study. Emphasis is on imparting both practical skills and theoretical understanding to enable the learners to gain competence in the professional field of journalism, and communication as an interdisciplinary area of study. The department also aims to make the reach of journalism education more widespread, inclusive and diverse by introducing new short term certificate and diploma courses along with new PG programs in its allied fields such as MA in Film Studies, MA in Communication for Development, MA in Convergent Journalism. This may result in the formation of a school of communication catering to the programs similar in nature to communication and media studies. To materialize the above the department has an aim to strengthen its capabilities in terms of faculty development and creating an environment for quality research. Therefore, on a priority basis, the department, with the help of the university, has started its Ph.D. program from the current academic year. The department further aims to strengthen its network of academic collaborations with the journalism departments of other universities both within the country and abroad. Industry academia interface is another area where the department aims to focus on for creating a network for exchange of knowledge and ideas. This will help the students in getting access to media organizations.
  • To create an environment for quality teaching and learning in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication education and to imbibe values among students to make them responsible media professionals.
  • The department aims to engage in quality research and knowledge creation in the field Journalism and Mass Communication discipline.
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