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Faculty Details
S.N.  Name Designation EMail Qualification Phone No View Profile
1 Mr.  Puranjay Das Assistant Professor puranjaydas55(at)gmail(dot)com Masters in Law 7008322924
2 M/S.  Truptimayee Barik Assistant Professor trupti(dot)29892(at)gmail(dot)com Masters in Law 9438460370
3 M/S.  Basavdutta Kar Assistant Professor basavdutta(at)gmail(dot)com Masters in Law 7978716700
4 M/S.  Snehashree Pradhan Assistant Professor sneha(dot)sp1997(at)gmail(dot)com Masters in Law 9439654434
5 Prof.  Dr Binay Kumar Das Adjunct Professor drbinay1(at)gmail(dot)com PhD 9348227565
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