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The Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology has started the regular Post-Graduate teaching programs in Biosciences and Biotechnology in the year 2004. Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India recognized the Department in 2007 as the centre for DBT-BTIS-net Bioinformatics Centre (BIF) for Structural and Computational Biology work. Under this program, the Centre imparts training to students, researchers and teachers on various aspects of Bioinformatics. Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India sanctioned funds for infrastructural development under “FIST-2008 program”. Research is a core component of the academic curriculum starting with M. Sc., MPhil as well as PhD. A wide range of research activities that addresses important biological, biomedical and biotechnological problems are being conducted. The scientific success of our department rests on its interdisciplinary research environment through close interaction of specialists from different fields. Funding for research activities are through various Govt. agencies (DST, DBT, UGC, INSA, BARC, DRDO, WWF etc.) and through International Scientific Collaborations. Department is enrolling the students for Ph.D degree work and Post PhD research works under the guidance of the faculties. M. Sc. and M.Phil. Students are admitted from any discipline of Biological, Natural, Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary sciences. The Department conducts various Seminars, Conferences and Refresher courses etc. regularly. The personal advisory system is implemented for a close interaction between the students and teachers for overcoming the difficulties and deficiencies of the students.

  • Creating new opportunities by shaping biotechnology into a premier skill and sustainable economic tool through research and development ensuring community participation and social empowerment
  • Biotechnology education is at its crossroads with greater participation of students, faculties and researchers in entrepreneurial practices and start-up ventures. The immense potential of the sector in medical, agricultural, and industrial reforms of the country has been emphasized. Under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, the discipline has been providing expansive outputs in areas of research, infrastructure, manpower generation, popularization and extension activities, promotion of industries, creating centers of excellence with specialized instrumentation facilities, implementation of biosafety guidelines for recombinant DNA products and programs for societal benefits. Taking the leads generated in the field, the department envisages empowering the following missions: a. Holistic education towards realization of full potential of biotechnology b. To attract students, faculty and scholars for participation in educational programs of the department. c. Encouraging research and development at a basic or advanced level for empowerment of youths in entrepreneurship and start-up ventures. d. Creating revenue-generation model for sustainability and growth of the department in the field of Biotechnology services and products/processes. e. Support for socio-economic development and upliftments of women, SC & ST, and rural population. f. Providing facilities towards possible nexus or tie-ups with Bio-pharma, Agriculture, Biomedical, and services industries for academic and technological exchanges. g. Designing and curriculum development in close collaboration with industries, research organizations of excellence, and sector skill councils of Govt. of India for trained manpower development and narrowing the academia-industry gap. h. Academic and research exchanges of students, scholars and faculties towards scientific and technological empowerment of human resources and strong infrastructure for research and commercialization. i. Development of e-learning resources and online tools to support an ecosystem of excellent teaching, learning and student experience. j. Contract research, learning and consultancy services for expertise-based support services through establishment of centers of excellence (CoE), start-up projects and research and development grants (either institutional or individual).
  • The university is committed to provide higher education with a holistic approach. The PG Department of Biotechnology of the university measures excellence through outstanding student experience, exceptional learning environments, good and productive research through publications and patents, quality of students to become distinguished alumnus, employability of students, wonderful campus environment and committed social responsibility. The department envisages building greater credibility through the implementation of innovative teaching/learning activities, designing a practical-oriented curriculum development and creation of new skill-based courses.
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