Prof. Madhumita Das

From: Vice-Chancellor’s Desk:
Fakir Mohan University, VyasaVihar, Balasore has been established in 3rd July 1999 under section 32 of the Odisha Universities Act, 1989 . The University is progressive to carve a niche with its programmes and academic innovations for quality teaching and research. In this academic attempt it has significantly achieved a landmark in terms of infrastructure, laboratory, along with incorporation of innovative courses being offered presently in two campuses.
I took charge of my duties as Vice-Chancellor on 2nd August, 2017 and started my journey with identification of emerging priorities along with regular interaction with faculty, students and support staff regarding academic activities. We have a team of dynamic and outstanding faculty, innovative pedagogical practices, state-of-art infrastructure and multi-disciplinary academic programmes at postgraduate and doctoral level.
In addition to creating productive minds for professional and personal success we have committed ourselves to create responsible citizens who are the epitome of highest ethics and social conduct. I welcome you all to the portal of Fakir Mohan University for experiencing a unique opportunity to see and be a part of making excellence possible in every initiative. We urge everyone to join us in fostering a healthy, peaceful and engrossing atmosphere at the University campuses and affiliated colleges. We invite you to contribute actively and enrich the University with your intellectual resources, rich experiences and fruitful suggestions.
It is very important to introspect and evaluate ourselves for further development in right direction. We, at Fakir Mohan University intend to ensure implementation of healthy practices and continuously improve the standards as needed. We believe in Rigvedic hymn “आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः” (Let noble thoughts come to us from every side).
Let us be guided and driven by these words of Mario Andretti : "Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

Date: 10th August 2017                                                Prof. Madhumita Das
                                                                             Vice-Chancellor, F.M. University


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