Prof. Siba Prasad Adhikary

From: Vice-Chancellor’s Desk:
Little more than one and half year passed since I joined as the Vice-Chancellor of Fakir Mohan University. Until 23rd May 2014 I was a Professor in Biotechnology in a Central University, heading a Department. My life and activities were centered around teaching P.G. Course to students admitted through all India competition, getting projects from national organisations and carrying out research with students (all with fellowships) in the lab until late nights and week ends, reading and discussing recent advances in science, visiting National Institutes and Universities in India and abroad often for delivering lectures and on bilateral visiting programmes, and enjoying the cultural atmosphere of Santiniketan. I left all these academic atmosphere behind and came to Balasore with the sole reason of (i) being an Odia, born, brought-up and educated in Odisha, hence (ii) to contribute to the best of my capability as an academic administrator for the benefit of the region as well as the state. I never knew then that the VC’s position and image, though head of an Academic Institution of higher learning is so casually taken and some persons often write so painful statement against him without any evidence to the Hon’ble Chancellor, Chief Minister, Minister of Higher Education, Prime Minister of India, Minister HRD, UGC, MHRD, Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary and several others.. Most of these statements against the capability, honesty and integrity of a Vice-Chancellor are painful, which also speaks bad about a University, and all these petitions are directed to the VC from the concerned offices for compliance, which I am answering, as if I am a criminal answering to show causes, spending time in such unrelated works which otherwise could have been spent in development of the University.
   With such adverse situations I am facing in this University, I am not heart-broken rather became more stronger with my conviction to develop this University to the best of my capacity during the remaining half of the tenure. Several of members of the Syndicate, Officers of the University, Teachers, students and non-teaching staff have been putting their best all through last 18 months for over all development of the University, which I acknowledge. Balasore is a culture-Centre. Many who fought to establish this University had a dream which need to be respected. I need constructive suggestions from any to develop academics in this University to shape the future of present and next generation students.
     The Senapati who saved Odia language in its hard times, Fakir Mohan, a son of the soil, is the name of the University, also met with challenges in his own place, stood firm like a pillar for safe guarding “Swabhiman” of Odias. Being a VC in a University after his name, I too have the responsibility to uphold the dignity of the University. This is my mission and aim. Enough petitions have been sent against the University without any reason. These can be read by any available in the office of the VC. I am an academician and my past can be known by interacting with any in Vani-Vihar and/or Visva-Bharati campus where I served in the past. Not a single finger has been raised by any on my honesty and integrity during all these over 30 years of teaching and research career. I wonder, how some people conceived of raising allegations of bribery and dishonesty against me, and what is their intention, it is hard for me to understand.
     During the begining of this new year I wish people, stake holders, Parents, Employees, teachers, Research scholars and Students understand that if the University’s credibility is maintained, the name and fame of Fakir Mohan University, and Balasore would spread across the state and national boundaries, otherwise the dream of its founders will not be fulfilled.

Date: 1st January 2016                                                Prof. S.P. Adhikary
                                                                             Vice-Chancellor, F.M. University


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