aa04.08.2020: One-day National Webinar on "RECENT ADVANCES IN GEOLOGICAL RESEARCH” on will be held 5th August 2020

aa29.07.2020: One-day National Webinar on Kantakabi Lakhmikanta Mohapatra: Jeena o Krutitwa on 31st July 2020

aa29.07.2020: One-day International Webinar On Recent Trends in Environmental Science and Research on 31st July 2020

aa27.07.2020: One-day International Seminar-cum-Webinar On POPULATION, SOCIAL EXCLUSION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT on 29th July 2020

aa20.07.2020: International Webinar On Social and Cultural Challenges during COVID-19 Pandemic in Indian Society: Local and Global Concerns In collaboration with Indian Sociological Society & Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society (27th July--29th July 2020)

aa23.07.2020: Application are invited from eligible teachers for Consideration of promotion under CAS to the next higher grade -reg

aa21.07.2020: The provisional result of the Odd Sem(DDCE/NCP Mode)Examinations are hereby published 2020

aa20.07.2020: International Conference cum Webinar on Research Frontiers and Prospects in Biosciences and Biotechnology 28th and 29th July 2020

aa17.07.2020: DDCE form fill up dates for Even Semester Examination,2020 is hereby postponed

aa16.07.2020: International Webinar Series (3–Days) on Nuclear Physics & Applications in Medicine from 30th July to 1st August, 2020

aa03.07.2020: Provisional results of UG 3rd Sem. Exam,2019

aa02.07.2020: Admission Notification for Integrated B.Ed-M.Ed & M.Phil Programmes2020-21

aa29.06.2020: Notification regarding Outstanding Dues of Hostel boarder

aa22.06.2020: Notification regarding Dissertation / Project of Final Semester Examinations-2020

aa22.06.2020: Provisionally selected for Ph.D. Registration

aa19.06.2020: Provisional results of the LL.B 3rd and 5th Sem. are hereby published

aa17.06.2020: Notification regarding +3 Final Semester 2020

aa11.06.2020: CORRIGENDUM Exam-2020

aa08.06.2020: Office Order for Form fillup DDCE/NCP Mode Exam-2020

aa08.06.2020: Office Order for Form fillup Professional Courses Exam-2020

aa08.06.2020: Filling up forms for MBBS 1st year Exam-2020

aa30.05.2020: Establishment of Examination Grievance Cell (COVID-19)